After The End

So, in the not very far off future, humanity has made it to the stars. And that's great. We outgrew Earth, so we explored, we expanded and now we thrive. Mostly by living in fuck off huge, utopian space-stations, kept in check by benign artificial intelligences, but never mind that now. Humanity has entered a new Golden Age and it's all pretty sweet for everyone.

Well. It’s pretty sweet for everyone apart from you and your fellow Citizens of the first sovereign residential space station Star One. Because you see, 50 or so years ago, something went very, very wrong. A lot (and I mean A Lot) of people died.

Now you, and every person you've ever known, is either dead, or left to scavenge the ashes of departed civilization. Sometimes it’s a struggle to even breathe, never mind eat, drink and survive. This may be the future, but from here? Space looks a hell of a lot like Earth.

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